The Gauntlet
Gauntlet Logo
Version The Challenge
Season 13
Filming Location Mexico
Season Run November 28, 2015 -
January 27, 2016
Episodes 17
Host Ryan
Contestants 32
Teams Rookies
Series Chronology
Previous Season 'Fresh Meat'
Next Season 'Cutthroat'

The Gauntlet is the fourth season of The Challenge and the thirteenth installment on Ryan's Reality Network.

In the end, the Veterans won the game with the team of Adam Pemberton, Elliott Hesson, Hunter Reed, JaeMin Kim, Junior Herrera, Miranda Wowart & Nic Reichert. They beat the Rookies team which consisted of Jason White, Josh Hurley, Karen Alvarez, Lauren Jirafarig, Lindsay Silverman & Teddy Jonas.

Hunter, Josh, Nic & Teddy were named the MVP's of the season.


Applications for the season were first released on November 18, 2015. The application was done online. It consisted of general information about the applicants. the blog is RRNTheGauntlet and the tag is #RRNTheGauntlet.



Players Age Seasons Placement
Adam TG Adam Pemberton 19 Battle of the Teams WINNER
Elliott TG Elliott Hesson 26 Free Agents
Fresh Meat
Hunter TG Hunter Reed 18 Fresh Meat WINNER
JaeMin TG JaeMin Kim 26 Battle of the Teams
Free Agents
Fresh Meat
Junior TG Junior Herrera 21 Fresh Meat WINNER
Katie TG Katie Cole 22 Battle of the Teams
Free Agents
Miranda TG Miranda Wowart 17 Fresh Meat WINNER
Nic TG Nic Reichert 26 Battle of the Teams
Free Agents
Fresh Meat
Danny TG Danny Gluck 20 Battle of the Teams Quit
18th Place
Episode 14
Nathan TG Nathan Cooper 17 Free Agents Eliminated
19th Place
Episode 13
David TG David Robb 19 Free Agents Eliminated
21st Place
Episode 11
Lindsay Sa TG Lindsay Samuels 22 Free Agents Eliminated
22nd Place
Episode 10
Ryan TG Ryan Matthew 18 Free Agents
Fresh Meat
25th Place
Episode 8
Emma TG Emma Lee 16 Battle of the Teams
Free Agents
26th Place
Episode 7
Laura TG Laura Bae 25 Free Agents
Fresh Meat
27th Place
Episode 6
MJ TG MJ Jones 17 Fresh Meat Eliminated
29th Place
Episode 4
Players Age Placement
Jason TG Jason White 16 Runner-Up
Joshua TG Josh Hurley 21 Runner-Up
Karen TG Karen Alvarez 20 Runner-Up
Lauren TG Lauren Jirafarig 22 Runner-Up
Lindsay Si TG Lindsay Silverman 18 Runner-Up
Teddy TG Teddy Jonas 24 Runner-Up
Dan TG Dan Disbrow 20 Eliminated
15th Place
Episode 16
Simon TG Simon Sea 16 Quit
16th Place
Episode 16
Kailee TG Kailee Clement 17 Eliminated
17th Place
Episode 15
Danielle TG Danielle George 17 Eliminated
20th Place
Episode 12
Adrian TG Adrian Posteraro 23 Eliminated
23rd Place
Episode 9
Jack TG Jack Frost 17 Eliminated
24th Place
Episode 8
Christy TG Christy Bae 22 Eliminated
28th Place
Episode 5
Kylie TG Kylie Smith 19 Eliminated
30th Place
Episode 3
Catherine TG Catherine Sikes 18 Eliminated
31st Place
Episode 2
Connor TG Connor Wentworth 19 Eliminated
32nd Place
Episode 1

Cast PhotosEdit

Adam TG Danny TG David TG Elliott TG Emma TG Hunter TG JaeMin TG Junior TG Katie TG Laura TG Lindsay Sa TG Miranda TG MJ TG Nathan TG Nic TG Ryan TG
Adrian TG Catherine TG Christy TG Connor TG Dan TG Danielle TG Jack TG Jason TG Joshua TG Kailee TG Karen TG Kylie TG Lauren TG Lindsay Si TG Simon TG Teddy TG


The competition consists of a series of team challenges (sometimes called "missions") with an elimination challenge, known as the "Gauntlet", following each of the team challenges except the final. Each team challenge puts the team of Veterans against the team of Rookies.

After each team challenge the winning team selects a member of the losing team to protect from the Gauntlet and another member to send into the Gauntlet. The losing team then selects one of its own members to go against the person picked by the winners.

After the two players for the Gauntlet are picked, the host spins a wheel to determine which challenge will be played in the Gauntlet. The loser of the Gauntlet is eliminated from the game.

  • No player can be saved from the Gauntlet on two consecutive opportunities.
  • No Gauntlet challenge is played twice consecutively.


Challenge GamesEdit


Gauntlet GamesEdit

  • Canapult: For this game, you will have to travel as far as you can without dying. The person with the highest score will win the Gauntlet.
    • Played by: Teddy vs. Connor, Adrian vs. Josh, Hunter vs. Danny,
  • Avoid: For this game, you will avoid the red dots for as long as you can. The person with the highest score will win the Gauntlet
    • Played by: Danielle vs. Kylie, Emma vs. Katie, Dan vs. Danielle,
  • Tetris: For this game, you will play first-person tetris in whatever mode you want. The person with the highest score will win the Gauntlet.
    • Played by: Catherine vs. Christy, Nic vs. MJ, Lauren vs. Jack, Nathan vs. Lindsay Sa., Nathan vs. Hunter,
  • Hextris: For this game, you will rotate your hexagon and try to match up three of a kind with the colors that drop onto your screen. The person with the highest score will win the Gauntlet.
    • Played by: Christy vs. Kailee, Hunter vs. David, Kailee vs. Dan,
  • Combo Platter: For this game, you will have to guess the right combination by counting the amount of objects in an image.
    • Played by: Laura vs. Ryan, Josh vs. Dan,

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination ChartEdit

Episode Challenge Winner Gauntlet The Gauntlet Winner Eliminated
# Challenge Protected Winners' Pick Losers' Pick
1 Out On A Ledge Veterans Christy Connor Teddy Canapult Teddy Connor
2 Photo Explosion Veterans Lauren Catherine Christy Tetris Christy Catherine
3 Freeway Fury Veterans Teddy Danielle Kylie Avoid Danielle Kylie
4 Patience Rookies Lindsay Sa. Nic MJ Tetris Nic MJ
5 Space Invasion Veterans Danielle Christy Kailee Hextris Kailee Christy
6 Make It Out Rookies Danny Laura Ryan Combo Platter Ryan Laura
7 Casanova Rookies Lindsay Sa. Katie Emma Avoid Katie Emma
8 Grid 16 Veterans Karen Jack Lauren Tetris Lauren Jack
9 Red Veterans Kailee Adrian Josh Canapult Josh Adrian
10 Where In The World Rookies Danny Nathan Lindsay Sa. Tetris Nathan Lindsay Sa.
11 Pixel Regions Rookies Adam Hunter David Hextris Hunter David
12 Slider Veterans Simon Dan Danielle Avoid Dan Danielle
13 Escape Game Rookies Danny Hunter Nathan Tetris Hunter Nathan
14 Tower Blaster Rookies Adam Danny Hunter Canapult Hunter Danny
15 ZYL Veterans Karen Dan Kailee Hextris Dan Kailee
16 Gem Crusher Veterans Lindsay Si. Dan Josh Combo Platter Josh Dan
17 Finale Veterans

Gauntlet ProgressEdit

Players Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Adam WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWinner
Elliott WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWinner
Hunter WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWINWinWINWINWinWinWinner
JaeMin WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWinner
Junior WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWinner
Katie WinWinWinSafeWinSafeWINWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWinner
Miranda WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWinner
Nic WinWinWinWINWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWinner
Jason SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeRunner-Up
Josh SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeWINWinWinSafeWinWinSafeWINRunner-Up
Karen SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeRunner-Up
Lauren SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinWINSafeWinWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeRunner-Up
Lindsay Si. SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeRunner-Up
Teddy WINSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeRunner-Up
Dan SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinWINWinWinWINOut
Simon SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWinWinSafeQuit
Kailee SafeSafeSafeWinWINWinWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeWinWinOut
Danny WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinSafeQuit
Nathan WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinWINSafeWinOut
Danielle SafeSafeWINWinSafeWinWinSafeSafeWinWinOut
David WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinSafeOut
Lindsay Sa. WinWinWinSafeWinSafeSafeWinWinOut
Adrian SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinSafeOut
Jack SafeSafeSafeWinSafeWinWinOut
Ryan WinWinWinSafeWinWINSafeQuit
Emma WinWinWinSafeWinSafeOut
Laura WinWinWinSafeWinOut
Christy SafeWINSafeWinOut
MJ WinWinWinOut
Kylie SafeSafeOut
Catherine SafeOut
Connor Out
     The contestant is on the Rookies team.
     The contestant is on the Veterans team.
     The contestant's team won the final challenge.
     The contestant's team lost the final challenge.
     The contestant was protected from the Gauntlet by the winning team.
     The contestant won the Gauntlet.
     The contestant lost the Gauntlet and was eliminated.
     The contestant withdrew from the competition.
     The contestant was removed from the competition due to illness.